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Fortune Intelligent Technology Co.,LTD. (Fortune-Intel.) is a specialized valve industrial&trading company that is committed to provding customers with safe,enviromentally friendly,intelligent valve products and systems solutions.Our valves range from 150# to 2500# CLASS in various sizes and body material. We stock your everyday commodity and also specialize in hard to find items as well.

With much years of combined experience in our industry, we connect you to the right solution at the first time and promise our clients to always meet and exceeds their expectations and to be the reliable supplier every project needs.Sales of one stop service in our core strength.
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The selection of electric control valves can be considered from the following aspects:1、 From the medium aspect of the control process, (1) the shape and structure of the valve core are mainly cons...
Firstly, it is necessary to understand the function of using an electromagnetic valve, which means that the mechanism of the electromagnetic valve needs to be provided (several positions and severa...
Stop valve is one of the widely used valves, and its popularity is due to the low friction between sealing surfaces during the opening and closing process, its durability, small opening height, eas...
1. Regularly clean the dirt inside and outside the high-temperature steam solenoid valve and the suction surface, taking care not to damage the sealing surface.2. After the installation of the high...
Pneumatic butterfly valves are usually a combination of pneumatic actuators, valve bodies, and accessories that are connected, installed, and debugged. Next, we will introduce the precautions for o...
1、 Corrosion and Protection of Closed PartsClosed parts are often subjected to fluid erosion, which accelerates the development of corrosion. Some valve discs, although made of better materials, st...
Ball valve features:1、 Wear resistance; Due to the fact that the valve core of the hard sealed ball valve is alloy steel spray welded, and the sealing ring is alloy steel overlay welded, the hard s...
Butterfly valve is a widely used valve that originated in the 1930s. It is a 90 degree switch or a valve that regulates flow. Due to its simple structure, small size, light weight, and simple opera...
Ball valves are used for fluid regulation and control. The hard sealed V-ball valve has a strong shear force between its V-ball core and the metal seat welded with hard alloy, making it particularl...
Check valves mainly play a role in the development of pipelines, such as switching, diverting, and merging. Generally, enterprises can learn to divide check valves into two types: T-type and L-type...
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