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Precautions for on-site use of pneumatic butterfly valves

Issuing time:2023-06-08 23:41

Pneumatic butterfly valves are usually a combination of pneumatic actuators, valve bodies, and accessories that are connected, installed, and debugged. Next, we will introduce the precautions for on-site use of pneumatic butterfly valves:

1. The control cabinet needs to send a signal that the valve does not operate. After on-site observation, the pneumatic regulating butterfly valve is installed with an electromagnetic valve on the premise of installing a locator. The strong current of the electromagnetic valve interferes with the signal output of the control cabinet, and the valve cannot receive the signal, so it cannot work normally.

Solution: Remove the solenoid valve and remove strong electrical interference from the normal operation of the equipment (note: the function of the solenoid valve is to switch the valve, while the function of the locator is to control the valve opening with a 4 to 20 milliampere signal, so it is not necessary to install the solenoid valve with the locator installed).

2. After automatically switching to manual mode, the switch does not return to automatic mode; Due to the use of excessive force by on-site operators, the clutch can easily cause internal gears to get stuck and cannot be automatically pulled back.

Solution: When pulling the clutch, the handwheel should rotate back and forth to release the internal turbine, so as to easily achieve manual automatic switching (be sure to pull up the yellow sleeve next to it during manual automatic switching).

3. The valve is working normally, but feedback has been that it has been in working condition. It was only through the on-site wiring personnel that they learned that the wires on site are all thick and hard, which is not very convenient to connect. This can cause a screw to fall off, and the wiring personnel can directly tighten a long screw, causing the module to be hit by the screw, causing a short circuit.

Solution: Replace with a regular screw model; It is generally recommended to use thin wires for connecting lines.

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