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Application of Redesigned Check Valves

Issuing time:2023-06-08 23:41

Check valves mainly play a role in the development of pipelines, such as switching, diverting, and merging. Generally, enterprises can learn to divide check valves into two types: T-type and L-type, each with their own characteristics. T-type is used for the diversion, merging, and flow direction switching of medium in pipelines, while L-type is used for the flow direction switching of medium in pipelines, which can connect two flow channels that affect each other vertically and has special situations in China, In order to meet the needs of social production and daily life, it is often necessary for students to combine the characteristics of the two and redesign the check valve. Today, let's take a look. According to the usage conditions, the American standard check valve can have an all metal structure or a rubber gasket or ring embedded on the valve disc holder. Carbon steel check valve is a valve used for boiler feedwater and steam shut-off, which has the comprehensive function of a lift check valve and a globe or angle valve. High temperature check valve is an automatic valve, mainly used to prevent medium backflow, prevent pump and drive motor reverse rotation, and discharge container medium.

In special circumstances, users not only need to use the L check valve to switch flow direction, but also want to use the L check valve to cut off three pipelines at the same time. As ordinary L check valves do not have this function, in order to achieve this function, users need to install stop valves on three pipelines. This not only increases the cost of the pipeline system, but also the system is complex and the operation is very troublesome. Therefore, we have innovatively designed the L-type check valve, The newly designed L-shaped check valve adopts a three seat structure design, and can also adopt a four seat structure design. By adopting a large ball design, the valve not only has the flow direction switching function of a regular L-shaped check valve, but also has the function of simultaneously sealing and cutting off three channels.

Therefore, by redesigning the check valve, it can be ensured that it meets the special needs of the enterprise, thereby achieving better production

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