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What are the significant characteristics of ball valves

Issuing time:2023-06-08 23:41

Ball valves are used for fluid regulation and control. The hard sealed V-ball valve has a strong shear force between its V-ball core and the metal seat welded with hard alloy, making it particularly suitable for media containing fibers, small solid materials, etc Here are some prominent features:

Wear and tear; Since the ball valve body is made of spray steel and alloy steel welding ring, the ball will not be worn during switching. Electric cut-off ball valve flow volume: Due to its streamline and full right angle rotation control, the volume value is particularly high, the flow capacity is particularly large, and the flow resistance is small. Therefore, smaller and more economical valve sizes can be used. The pneumatic knife gate valve is a right angle rotary regulating valve that is used in conjunction with a valve positioner. Reliability (safety) of pneumatic cut-off valve: The valve body is of an integral structure, sturdy and durable, and the operation is not affected by pipeline pressure, and can avoid valve body leakage. (65-70 and its hardness coefficient):

2、 Good sealing performance; Due to the traditional manual grinding method used for sealing ball valves, it is not possible to use them until the valve core and sealing ring can fully match the enterprise. So his sealing system performance is reliable.

3、 Light switch; Due to the use of springs at the bottom of the ball valve to tightly fit the sealing ring and valve core, the switch is very light when the external force exceeds the pre tightening force of the spring

4、 Long lifespan: Each department has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, power generation, papermaking, nuclear energy, aviation, rockets, and people's daily lives.

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