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What are the characteristics of ball valves?

Issuing time:2023-06-08 23:42

Ball valve features:

1、 Wear resistance; Due to the fact that the valve core of the hard sealed ball valve is alloy steel spray welded, and the sealing ring is alloy steel overlay welded, the hard sealed ball valve will not experience significant wear during opening and closing. (Its hardness coefficient is 65-70):

2、 Good sealing performance; Due to the fact that the sealing of hard sealed ball valves is manually ground until the valve core and sealing ring completely match before use. So his sealing performance is reliable.

3、 Light switch; Due to the use of springs at the bottom of the sealing ring of the hard sealed ball valve to tightly hold the sealing ring and valve core, the switch is very light when external forces exceed the pre tightening force of the spring.

4、 Long service life: widely used in various departments such as petroleum, chemical industry, power generation, papermaking, atomic energy, aviation, rockets, and people's daily lives.

Pneumatic ball valves have a simple and compact structure, reliable sealing, and convenient maintenance. The sealing surface and spherical surface are often in a closed state, and are not easily eroded by media. They are easy to operate and maintain, suitable for general working media such as water, solvents, acids, and natural gas. They are mainly used to cut off or connect media in pipelines, and can also be used for fluid regulation and control.

Compared with other types of valves, pneumatic ball valves have the advantages of angular stroke output torque, quick opening, stable and reliable opening, wide applicability, and the following advantages:

1. The thrust bearing reduces the Friction torque of the valve stem, which can make the valve stem operate stably and flexibly for a long time.

2. Anti static function: Set springs between the ball, valve stem, and valve body to export static electricity generated during the switching process.

3. Due to the good self-lubrication of materials such as polytetrafluoroethylene and low friction loss with the ball, the service life of pneumatic ball valves is long.

4. Low fluid resistance: Pneumatic ball valves are one of the types of valves with low fluid resistance, even for reduced diameter pneumatic ball valves, their fluid resistance is relatively small.

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